Top Url Shortener Websites To Earn Money Scam Free

Sharing links become our habit in online world. This is the story of Individual. We Always Share Many website links with our friends ( of Twitter, Facebook, Googleplus, Myspace, youtube ), Relatives and rest of world for different purposes . Some People also used to share downloading links on their web sites and blogs or through emails.

But we can make money by Sharing such links too. So why not to go for it?
Many Webmaster Searching new ways of earning and some of them found it very profitable. Now Big website owner of such websites like Downloading, youtube MP3 converter, Wallpaper, Backlinking, using These Shorten url servies and earning huge extra money.

How Short Links System works

Every Time Someone clicks on your Shared Shortened Links you will earn Money ( Get paid from Every Visit )
On Average : 4 to 10 $ for 1000 visitor that you brigs to your link.
Why Shorterner url Sites will pay you : Because you Brings traffic to them

Payment Option :

Trusted Networks – For Url Shortener Websites To Make Money by Sharing Links


Adfly a –  free url shortening service that will pay you $4 for 1000 visitors. and Get 20% Commission on Refered users

  • Payment Proofs :
  • Minimum payout : 5$
  • Payment Time   : Mothly ( On Time )
  • Payment Option : Paypal or Payza

Check Here : How To Earn Money From

2. Linkbucks

linkbucks – The leader in social marketing since 2005 in the business of shortening link service and Content locker. linkbucks will pay you 3 to 6 $ for 1000 visitors in Shortening urls and $10 just for a single unlock and Some offers may pay even more!

3. : Payment Proofs

Just short your link and share it – and earn real money. Today 12 jan 2014 now i can Add website in our Top 3 trusted shorten url service provider section. We have Received 2 Payments from them till now. it took more than 5 months to test this network. After testing this site we Recommend it our Reader too.

  • Payment Proofs : short.est 
  • Minimum payout : 10$
  • Payment Time   :  Monthly ( 10th of every month instant )
  • Payment Option : Paypal or Payza

We Recommend only to use and linkbucks to make money from your url’s. they pays good, they pays timely. i already earned more than 2000$ from these two website. So i call them Most trusted legit url money maker’s

New Short Url Websites – Not Tested Yet


  • Minimum payout : No Minimum Payouts
  • Payment Time   : instant Payout
  • Payment Option : payoneer or dwolla or Giftcard, Bitcoins

2. PornEarn

This is first Shorten url site who is only focusing on Adult audience. As the name PornEarn you can understand this Adult url shorten. I think in this website you have great scope of earning.
Minimum Payout :  $5
Payment Cycle : Monthly
Payment Method : Paypal

3. :

this is an innovative service that allows you to earn money from each visitor through CPA adverts and Frammed banner. I just checked this website background history and i found this is very new website. advertising ownself in different websites of downloading example : [,,,,,,,, ] spending more than $3000 monthly

  • Minimum payout : $20
  • Payment Time : every month
  • Payment Option : Paypal or Moneybookers, Western Union
  • Sign Up now to

4. : is new shorten url money making site from Italy. we did not tested it yet. if you are going to use this be careful.

5. :

Bee4Biz is a content locker. allows you to lock any link without having to have a website or also 10% of whatever your referrers make.

Scam Sites – Top Scam Sites

1. – is a Scam Site

2. : says you can Earn up to $6.50 per 1000 visits to your short URLs. and also 20% of revenue generated by your referrals.. for life! Never trust on them they are Bull Shit. Totaly Scam Site – Shorten link Scam Earning

3. : is Limited company. registration number is 05995703, registered in Brazil in 2011. but this total scam site
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Kindly Tell your experience and also send payment proof
  • cleroy61

    very great article ! I have earn $0.27 since I’m signing up on ! I made a lot of work with website but I don’t know all method ! I think it’s to hard to earn money with shrink link !

  • mac is too scam site,

    • sandeep

      yes is fake

    • chamara

      Yeah friend it a scam site.

  • gexr is not a scam site.

  • tekush is none but a shit. Motherfucker banned me two times.

    • easy luck

      they are serious short url Scam Site… and also is scam site you must aware of them. you just try those short url advertising networks which we trusted. we 100% sure you that will be profitable deal to you

      • Ajmal

        yes it right

        • moneylinks

          yes that is true

    • Ajmal

      yes he is mother fu**er….

  • iamhunny

    just signed up on today, hope they really pay.

    • varunkrana

      Hi iamhunny is also legit program…they are registered company in brazil. we Got first payment from them this month … soon we will share payment proof.

    • easy luck

      yes this Good legit new earning source you can trust it.

  • Guest

    i am using adfly its good one but compared to linkbucks andadfly. linkbucks is best.

  • Guest

    adfly and linkbucks is best for all

  • SAMANTHA pays for their link up to 5$ per 1000 Visits


      i am news in this business so please kindly help me to choose good network my email address :
      [email protected]
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  • Welcomyall

    Thanks 4 sharing!

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  • Welcomyall

    I recommend adfly too, it’s trusted and you can make good money alone with it!

    The shortened links are like this:

    You can kindly sign up as my referral from here: Thanks in advance!

    [email protected]

  • myfunn

    I prefer linkbucks to earn money … becoz Try adf.lydoes not allow adult websites ……. coooooooooooooool

    • easy luck

      ya these both are market leader’s….but now there are so many new player are coming in market. giving too much competition to short link earning system.

  • natasha
  • 32b1

    I think Cashfly has to be the best link shortener by far. They seem to have the highest payouts.

  • Nevzat Eren

    Shorten Links and Earn Money

  • gpreet

    try this .pays better.

  • ratte is good

  • Ramon Licup Lara Jr. wil let you earn $5 for 10,000 visits not 1,000.

  • Sibin Nonstopdead Diamondheart

    Hi friends there is a truested new commer in shorten url world
    it is trusted and got paid 2 times .. more than 800$ thanks
    join now >

  • Mohsine Elktifi

    the best one is adfoc
    7$ per 1000 Visits ** minimum is 10 $

    • moneylinks

      this is totally scam site .. don’t use this

  • qule

    also add as scam site

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  • aldhi

    oh no..
    i;m used adfoc and in mY WEBSITE :

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  • Carla Geany scam blocked my account with $ 20

    Adfly is true never blocked my paid account right everyday! One True!


  • zhoma

    so adfoc is a scam? wah, i still use it, they paid me twice tho but lately my payment stuck at 7 well, maybe i should slowly move only to adfly and linkbucks. i like shortest but they banned me two days ago. all links deleted.

    • moneylinks

      Yes Adfocus in totally scam site.
      for adfly and linkbucks old is Gold. they are best.
      about shortest they are growing very fast reach to 900 Alexa rank this is not small thing. site only grow which is legit.
      in your concern you may be banned due to three reasons
      -may be you are using proxy server to gain money.
      -may be using auto robots
      -Or my be your webiste voilate DMCA policy. which means copyright owner complainted to shortest.

      – May be you are spamming in other site.

  • Carla Geany

    linkbucks and blocked my account had $ 19 in was blocked

    told that the reason was false and traffic

    received a payment of $ 10 linkbucks, when I was accumulating for the second

    blocked and still no imail explaining what happened! : (

    Diarimante pays me for over 7 months, I get right!

    I continue with!

    Adf.y the best! :)

    • Kenny Burrell

      Thanks for the information!

  • Kenny Burrell

    I prefer linkbucks than

  • Carla Geany

    ” BC.VC
    Payment was to be today Friday 21, the date changed to Friday 28
    More payment was not made!
    Available Earnings: $ 13.47487

    BC.VC is SCAM to me!

    Follow the link:

    • moneylinks

      thanks for sharing

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  • Machira Lantern

    I am also a user of visit me at :

  • van

    you can also use it is simpler to use !

  • BlackStar DDL

    I suggest for the best paying url shortener. Very user friendly design, great control panel, many domains to choose from. Adult websites allowed.

    • BlackStar DDL

      This site still going strong and paying good rates. They added second site ( ) with more features like password protect, several domains to use, API, adult sites allowed and self expiring links. Check them out!

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  • Nazuki

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