Graboid Affiliate Program Review 2012 – Earn Huge commissions From Every Lead

Review of “Graboid” Affiliate Program.

Q1. How we generally download videos from Internet?

Generally we go on google and type keywords related to file/document we are looking for. Google list out thousands of pages from where we choose a particular page and find download link for the desired file. But, generally, we need to go through a number of websites to find the desired file which consumes a lot of time. We also download certain videos from video hosting websites such as youtube, but the results of search from such websites are limited to the files which are stored on the servers of these websites,that is, we can access only those video files from youtube which are stored on youtube servers.

Q2. What is Graboid?

It is a desktop application which allows its users to search videos from internet. Graboid itself does not host videos, it just look for video files hosted on other servers and make you available the list of those files which match with your query. It makes this search with an excellent speed and saves user’s time. User can play as well as download videos using Graboid from safe sources. It allow to search & download movies, tv shows etc. at a pretty good speed and also provide links to HD videos.

Q3. How to use Graboid?

Graboid can be download from free of cost. Presently it is available for windows & Mac.

Q4. How many videos you can download through Graboid?

It depends upon the amount of data you download through Graboid! Initially it is a trial version. User can download upto 2 GB data free of cost and the trial offer is valid for 30 days. After downloading 2 GB data or after 30 days user will have to subscribe by paying a nominal amount for upgrading to premium membership.
Graboid Affiliate Program Review 2012

Q5. How one can earn money through Graboid?

Graboid pay commission to you if you send people to Graboid! More the people join Graboid through you more money Graboid pay to you! Joining Graboid means to signup account at And attracting offer from Graboid here is that, it pays for free signups also not for premium memberships alone!!!!! And for each free signup it pay $.70!!! Graboid makes payments through paypal, so you need to have a paypal account in order to receive payments from Graboid for your referrals.

Q6. How do I begin with Affiliate program?

Its quite simple!! Follow these simple steps:

  • 1. Visit the signup form-
  • 2. Make necessary entries in the form and you will receive your password and other information regarding your account on your mail ID.
  • 3. Login through your account detail on an affiliate panel provided by the website and choose promotional material whichever you like, such as banners, simple text etc.
  • 4. Advertise using these promotional materials, which may include placing such banners or links on your website/blog.
  • 5. Receive reward from Graboid, that is, $.70 for every signup through your website/blog!
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