Chitika : Earn $$$ Best Adsense Alternative CPC/PPC ad-network Targeted Ads for Sites

Now a days very Difficult to Create a Verified Google Adsense Account. Many webmaster Tries Daily for Adsense a/c. but always Got Same Answer : Your Website does not have sufficent content or Quality content and Getting Rejected in Adsense Approval.
For All Blogger’s who are facing Such hurdles well, Stop Feeling unsecured. Try Other Adsense Alternative as Chitika which is almost Good as Adsense.

Apply to be a Chitika Publisher!

About Chitika
Chitika is an Online ad Publisher network. It Started in 2003 and have offices in USA and India. More than 5 Billion Strategically Targeted Ads displayed each month on around 2.5 Lakh websites and increasing day by day.
Chitika Tag Line : Chitika is the only ad-network which knows when not to show an ad, helping to preserve your user experience

Why and Where :

Because your Application is Accepted immediately in less than 2 days. Chitikaallows you to display Their ads on your blog, Website and also on Mobile Site or appsOne more Thing : if you already have Google Adsense Account ..Then you can place chitika ads with adsense. It show’s non-contextual ads which is not look like Adsense ads unit.

  • Payment : Net 30 { January Earning Paid on 1st March }
  • Payment Method : PayPal, checks
  • Minimum Payout : $10 for PayPal and $50 for checks
  • Payment Proof  : Check Here Chitika Payment Proof’s
Stop Thinking Start Earning From Your Website Traffic
  • Pooja Beriwal

    I heard abt chitika before also but didn’t knew much about it. Thanx for sharing this great information.

  • Robin Haney

    Hello, I’ll make this quick. Are you willing to go for a link exchange?

  • Mobile

    This is best source for hub pages site and big portal site.

    • moneylinks

      chitika is big company like google adsense .. but pays very less compare to google adsense

      but it’s better than other alternatives

  • RB Kungate

    post your used item and get money free and fast

  • Mario Provin

    i use and get $ 5-10 per week.

    There are sites that do more?

    thanks for the advice