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After Getting So Many complaint’s from our visitor’s that is cheater. we Started Research on it and i requested to my friend to use that for afew day’s to see this is legit or Scam. In Testing time we never click or view own links and followed all TOS of that site. and when we requested for payout i Got this nonsense “Red Flag” warning that you are not eligible for payment unless you appeal this warning.. Totaly Scam Site - Shorten link Scam Earning is a site which never pays to there publisher but took money always from Advertiser’s. They Says there publisher Rates are highest in Market around $6.50 per 1000 visits of your Shorten urls. Scam Sites always use high pay rate as a bait.

When we Requested for Payout – Gives Red Flag

When we Requested Again for Payout

Future Plan Of Scam Sites – Don’t Trust It

Facebook Page :

There are So many user shouting on there facebook page … Adfocus is Scam Scam Scam Site nothing else.

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  • Mominul Mukut

    I have lost 40USD from this bullshit

    • easy luck

      sad …. but these type of lessons are very helpful for future growth
      you try our trusted network…work honestly don’t try to cheat, spam and earn big money.
      soon we will share our some best earning secrets.. just like facebook get connected

  • Azir Jusufi

    i have lost 51$ from afocus and intersting is that after month ended they put my account in red flag, stupid fucking liers

  • anzaq

    Totally disagree with you i am using them from last 2 months and they pay me and i making approx 2 dollar from them they paid me.

    • moneylinks

      it looks you are lucky one

  • Hacking Master

    exactly same problem i faced,it took me 1 year to generate 10$,now it is showing red flag

    • moneylinks

      Because they are professional scammer. you also find some payments from them online. that’s how they run there business.

      you can trust

      Check Alexa Rank :… – 971 Rank

      • Hacking Master

        yes, and best is

  • nick davies

    Lost $500 to adfoc do not use.

  • nick davies

    lost $500 to adfoc

  • Gigashock

    WTF? i got money by